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SmartRecruiters launches the industry’s only natively-built texting and WhatsApp solution

August 6, 2020 – San Francisco, CA – Today, SmartRecruiters unveils the highly-anticipated SmartMessage, the industry’s first natively-built texting solution within a talent acquisition suite. The majority of today’s workforce is no longer bound to desks or offices, and the trend is accelerating with the rise of remote work. With over 90% of workers using texting as the primary method of communications, SmartMessage is designed to reach your next great hires wherever they are, instantly.



Designed to remove the communications barrier between hiring teams and candidates globally, SmartMessage makes jobs accessible to candidates from any and all backgrounds, whether they are constantly on-the-move, or have no stable access to the internet, or don’t have an email address. The product leverages SMS & WhatsApp so you can hire from your candidates’ favorite messaging platform wherever they are in the world. These engaging messaging platforms help ensure that candidates respond quickly and move through the hiring process efficiently. 

Our customers agree: SmartMessage Early Access users revealed that, on average, their candidates respond 80% faster than email. “With SmartMessage, candidates are more accessible and much faster to respond,” says Jeff Goody, Talent Acquisition Manager at Salud Family Health Centers.

With so many exciting, new messages trickling in real-time, how do you keep track and respond to all the conversations? Inbox, a new feature rolled out alongside SmartMessage, centralizes all of your communications across SMS, WhatsApp, and email into one view. It’s a game changer for hiring teams that no longer have to waste time toggling between multiple systems! By managing all hiring communications within SmartRecruiters, your candidate data is data privacy-compliant worldwide. 



As a company founded on hiring manager collaboration as a core principle of Hiring Success, SmartRecruiters built SmartMessage as part of the talent acquisition suite to democratize texting for the entire hiring team. Hiring managers and recruiters can participate in the ongoing conversation with the candidate and share a comprehensive messaging history for better transparency across the entire team. 

SmartMessage is now live to all 4,000 SmartRecruiters customers. The texting solution is one of the many Q2 release features designed to help companies optimize for remote hiring.

About SmartRecruiters

As a global leader in enterprise recruitment software, SmartRecruiters offers a cloud-based global Talent Acquisition Suite that allows teams to attract, select, and hire the best talent. 4,000 companies worldwide rely on SmartRecruiters to achieve hiring success—including brands like Bosch, LinkedIn, Skechers, and Visa—using recruitment marketing, CRM, AI, ATS, and a marketplace of 600+ connected vendors all within one scalable platform.

True to its mission of connecting people to jobs at scale, SmartRecruiters was recognized by Forbes as one of the Best Employers in 2020. For more information, visit or follow @SmartRecruiters on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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